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03Apr 2020

John Cockram

Welcome to my world.

Well it's a new year, a new decade so here is a new website. Hopefully better than the last. More content and more "interesting things".

My Life, My Story

Well I don't really know where to start or what to say. A lot has happened since my last website, but it's which bits do I write about. The world is in a strange place at the moment and I guess it's given us all time to reflect on what's important and what's not. Personally I've had way to much time to think and my mind has been working over time. This is reflected in some of the mad dreams I've been having, I'll come on to them soon.

With the Corona Virus and all that it is doing to the world, I hope everyone is staying safe and looking after the people who are important and vulnerable. It's a time for the world to come together and forget our differences. We need to look out for each other, and we will get through this. Unfortunatly a lot of people will die and the down part is most of these will be good people and most of the shit people will suvive and continue being shit.

I've thought about the people who have shit on me or done me damage and to be honest, I couldn't really give a fuck so I guess I forgive them for whatever they have done. The only problem I'm having, is forgiving one person. I have honestly tried and tried but I just can't and if anything it's geting worse and worse. I don't think I have ever hated somebody as much as I hate this person. I know it's really wrong to wish someone was dead but I honestly do. Not quick but slow and very very painful, it will happen.

Ha I bet you are all wondering who this person is or you will all have a person in your head who you think it is right?

Strangely this person makes me see red everytime I see them. I want to stop my car and rip their fucking head off, but I carry on driving, shaking with anger and go on my way. I haven't known them very long, probably about 4 years. He is the sickest, most perverted, lying, manipulating wanker I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. They say all good things come to those who wait, so I'm waiting.

Why I hear you say, well not for any of the reasons you are probably thinking. This thing has sat in front of me and looked me in the eye and lied. He has told me that me and him are exactly the same. NEVER HAS ANYONE GIVEN ME A BIGGER INSULT IN MY LIFE. WE ARE NOTHING A LIKE. WE ARE THE 2 ENDS OF THE SPECTRUM. YOU ARE PURE EVIL. HOW DARE YOU COMPARE US. He has slandered my name and tried to damage my reputation to anyone who would listen. This got to the point where I had to get legal advice as my professional reputation was on the line. The IT industry is a small place really and things get round fairly quick. I found myself having to explan the truth to people, incuding my boss. This freak never thought about the damage his lies could cause or maybe he did and that's what he wanted.

To be continued........

Nothing will work on the site at the moment, so it's pointless trying to click on anything. Everything will change so you will known when bits are working.

Corona Virus. For now stay safe and be kind.

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Ok no more shaving until this is over.

No more shaving till this is over. No more shaving till this is over. No more shaving till this is over.


Everything you read on this site is fact. It's either what I have been told by the person in question or what I have actually been through personally.

I'm not in the habit of liabling myself or lying. Anybody who knows me know I live my life by the book. I don't lie so everything you read is FACT.

I am so confident that this is 100% fact that if I need to, I am willing to do a polygragh to prove this is fact. Anybody who find offence with the contents of this site, has either lied to me or has something to hide that they didn't want to get out. Well this is my story so read it and believe it.