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15August 2020

John Cockram

Welcome to my world.

I've decided to just add bits to my site as and when I feel like it, so there will be no structure as such it will just be totally random and jump about all over the place.".

My Life, My Story

The last couple of years have been a bit of a roller coaster. I got a job I hated due to being treated like shit and always being spoken down too. You don't treat people like that, but I stayed until I found another job. The new job was with a company in Wakefield and I'll be honest, I love it. It's not always been easy and my learning curve has been nearly vertical, but that's what I love. You can't beat learning new things amd constantly pushing yourself to be a better person than you were yesterday. I started learning LINUX, this is something I've always steered away from. It's a real eye opener and the free packages that come with it are unbelievable. I've learn so much more about Security Testing and Penatration Testing (you might know this as hacking lol). I knew quite a lot before but this was a real WOW you can do that moment. Work was encouraging me to learn as much as I could, so for week after week I just practiced different vunrabilities. Phones, computers and routers. They wanted me to learn so I could test their computer networks security.

For the last 6 months, I've been learning about TV. Basically I was asked if I fancied running a live SKY TV channel. What do I know about TV apart from watching it? I was up for the challenge and took over the scheduling of TV programs, sending programs to the satilies and doing the EGP's (that's basically what you see when you look at whats coming on). I did joke about putting Debbie Does Dallas on one day lol. When I asked why they had asked of all people, why me? I was given a very big compliment. The answer was "Because John as much as you are a joker and like a laugh, you are a stickler for doing things properly and we knew you would double check that everything was being done properly. I guess I'm a bit anal about attention to detail. Anyone who knows me, knows I like to either do it properly or not do it at all.

While this has all been going on, I've spent 99% of the time on my own, only spending time with people at work. This has taught me a lot about myself and given me time to really look at my life. I've learned to like myself again. Oh and a very different person from the person I use to be. As much as it can be very lonely at times, I'm never disappointed, because there is nobody to be disappointed in.

I've spent quite a bit of this time going through my finances. I have really tightened my belt and concentrated on getting myself finacially stable again. I went through what I was paying for what. Cancelled what I didn't need and reduced what I did. I've managed to pay my debts off and have even got money in the bank. Where as before I was always using my overdraft, now I don't go near it. I've got enough to cover anything major happen or if I fancy being silly and going on a luxury holiday lol. The thing is when you work hard you want something to show for it. I had my BMW 320D, until some stupid little girl drove into the side of it. The insurance paid out and I bought a BMW Z4 (apparently it's a ladies car. What the fuck is a ladies car?). Anyway I liked the look of the car but the paint work was a little bit tatty (I seem to get tatty things lol). I had it resprayed and it looked like new. There was just one problem with it. I didn't like the drive of it. I've driven BMW's for years and this just didn't drive like a BMW. Anyone who's had one will know what I mean. The car didn't handle like a BMW and it was definitly a Sheep in Wolves clothing. I knew no matter what, I was never going to enjoy driving it, IT HAD TO GO. Now came the problem of what to buy instead? This car had put me off BMW's. I looked at various car but nothing did it for me. I needed a pick me up car, something that would make me feel good and that justified to amount of work I had done. My mind started working overtime to think what I wanted. Then it struck me. I'd always wanted a Porsche, doesn't everybody lol. Hang on John you are supposed to being sensible and not splashing out on a car out of your price range. I dismissed the Porsche as a stupid idea, but I just couldn't get the idea out of my head. Every day I would find myself looking at pictures of them and reading reviews on them. The idea just wasn't going away, I needed to find away of getting one. I could buy a really old one, but that not really the idea is it?

The hunt for the Porsche.

Well it was decided I wanted and I was getting a Porsche. Now for the hard part, finding one in my price range. I set myself a budget that seemed fesible. I knew a 911 was out of my price range but I could see the Boxters where not too bad. They come in 3 flavours, the 986, the 987 and the 918. I started looking at the top, the 918 Boxter but they started about £30,000 upwards and I defintily didn't have the budget for that yet. I then looked at the old 986 Boxter, but they seem to have lots of problems with their IMS bearings failing. The bearing fails without warning and the engine blows up. Great I thought, I can buy a 986 for about £6,000 and blow the engine. £5,000 for a reconditioned engine sorted lol NOT. Well that put me off the 986 so I was left with the middle 987 Boxter.

All the time I was trying to talk myself out of buying one. The road tax will be expensive, well it's dear at £350 but affordable. I know, I'll look at the insurance because that's going to be a fortune and will make me see sense. Hmmmm £342 fully comp, well that pissed on my bonfire. Now I'd run out of reasons not to buy one, so the hunt started for 987 Boxter in good condition. I must have looked at about 20 of them around the country. Finding it hard to walk away when I knew it wasn't a good car for the money. I had to be disciplined so I didn't just buy the 1st one I saw. So many had faults that I tried to justify to myself because I wanted one. Well eventually my wait was rewarded. I saw one in Wigan for a reasonable price. It had full Porsche servive history and every bit of work done it was done by Porsche. It came with warrenty and after I drove it, I just wanted it. It was a little more than I wanted to pay but not much. I part exchanged my Z4 and had to wait a week for the car to get Mot'd. It needed new rear tires and a bulb. The garage paid for these. There was an advisory on the rear disks but these can be done later. I picked the car up and drove back to Huddersfield. It was the 1st time I had been able to drive it properly. I got on the M62 and opened it up. The engine sounded unreal, I hit 65MPH and the spoiler came up, you could feel the back end sit down. It came up windy hill like it was flat. I won't say what speed I was doing because it was a little illegal lol. I was instantly in love with the car. It corners like nothing I've driven before, WOW just WOW. I booked it into a Porsche specialist for a service and asked him to check it for faults, better safe than sorry. Th service was £350 which is very reasonable. They told me the brake pipes where very badly corroded and it shouldn't have passed it's MOT. It also needed new cross over pipes for the water as these where corroded also. Shit I thought, I'd been done. I phoned the garage where I bought the car and told him what had been said. He said no way could it be true because the garage that he uses for MOT's do not pass anything with faults. I arranged to take the car back for them to look at. As soon as I got there they got it straight up on the ramps and looked at the brake pipes. I heard a laugh and was asked to come and look. The brake pipes had been greased to stop them corroding (a sign of a well looked after car) The grease has got dirty and looked like rust, I wiped the grease off and they were like new. He re-greased them. Then he looked at the water pipe and said yes they need changing and it's a specialist job to change them. The cost would be about £600. The garage I bought it from just said take it to a Porsche garage and send us the bill and we will pay for it. No argument or anything, now that's customer service. The week later and the car had new water pipes, happy days. A few people have asked me how old my car is and how much it cost. Now I've told every person something different. Why I hear you ask? Well at some point it will get back to me, how old and how much it cost. I will then know who I can trust and who is just talking behind my back.

Corona Virus. For now stay safe and be kind.

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